Episode 28: Dead on the Walking Dead and the Wild West of Westowrld

October 27, 2016

This week we start on the answer to the Walking Dead's summer cliffhanger. Chris has takes, Sean has takes. We then move on to (20:00) Westworld: Or How Jeffrey Wright is a Robot. Next the Knights do an update to American Horror Story (37:00) and the batshit craziness. After a brief discussion on the Martian (46:00) we finish with a list of omissions to our October Scare-a-thon list.


Episode 26- Luke Cage, Westworld, and Hot Takes About Cold Wraps

October 18, 2016

Sorry for the late post everyone; we had some technical difficulties this week. We talk Luke Cage, Agents of Shield, American Horror Story, Westworld, and settle a debate 65 million years in the making...