Episode 32: Fantastic Thanksgiving and Where to Westworld

November 24, 2016

A big meal of Sam's take on Arrival, Westworld, and Fantastic Beasts. And like all good Thanksgiving, Chris takes away Sam's mic.


Episode 29: Walking Dead, Westworld, Luke Cage, and SPACE!

November 4, 2016

This week the Knights talk many many things. Walking Dead, Westworld, Luke Cage, some quick hits in news and a deep dive into the question: Space. Is it back?


Episode 26- Luke Cage, Westworld, and Hot Takes About Cold Wraps

October 18, 2016

Sorry for the late post everyone; we had some technical difficulties this week. We talk Luke Cage, Agents of Shield, American Horror Story, Westworld, and settle a debate 65 million years in the making...