Episode 37: 2016 Review

December 29, 2016

2016: The Good, The Bad, The Also Bad. It was a toughie folks but the Knights give out their bests and worsts of the year passed. We end up on a 2017 preview, so there's that too.


Episode 36: Rogue Effing One!

December 22, 2016

This week the Knights take a deep dive into Rogue One, doing a solid spolier filled hour. You'll laugh, you'll cry. We then touch on the poor reception for Assasin's Creed and Passengers. We then end with a zombie-space-Han Solo-tastic installment of Rapid Fire. 


Episode 35: Rogue One Preview and Make Your Own Cinematic Universe

December 15, 2016

This week the Knights welcome special guest Ian to talk Walking Dead, The Grand Tour, and Rogue One. We also dip into the week's trailers, a frank discussion if Episode 7 was crap, and we close by pitching our own cinematic universes hiding in plain sight.


Episode 21: Getting Up Again for Slipknot (The Man Who Can Climb Anything)

September 8, 2016

This week we get knocked down by the latest Underworld trailer, get up again for Rapid Fire, and are never going to keep our voices down about Shia LaBeouf. Sam takes a big sip of the lager drink that is Twin Peaks and Sean takes a cider drink of Attack on Titan. John sings a song about the good times he's had watching Mr. Robot as well as The Night Of. Chris sings a song about some bad times with Green Lantern. Don't cry for me next door neighbor.


Episode 20: David Tennant: The Sitcom

September 2, 2016

Slow week for television? Well we got a cure! Come here to get our recommendations for you for shows to binge watch.  Want bad horror? We got Ouija 2 for you. Want bad action? We got Max Steel. Want something original? Well give you a pitch for our Star Wars sitcoms. So we got your recommendations?  


Episode 8: Between The Rock and a Stark Place

June 5, 2016

This week we run through the news including Rogue One reshoots, Friday the 13th reboot, and a movie about a trucks and/or monsters. We then talk about the staggering amount of movies The Rock is planning to be in the next couple of years. Sam finally caught up to Game of Thrones so it's the three amigos coming in hot with Benjen Stark talk. We close with this week's segment, The List, on the best Batman villains who aren't the Joker. 

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Episode 1- Introduction, Rogue One Trailer, and More!

May 12, 2016

Welcome to the innaugural Knights of Nerdatude podcast. We go over a bunch of topics including the release of the Rogue One trailer and look ahead to some other movies. Check us out on Twitter @KONPodcast