Episode 37: 2016 Review

December 29, 2016

2016: The Good, The Bad, The Also Bad. It was a toughie folks but the Knights give out their bests and worsts of the year passed. We end up on a 2017 preview, so there's that too.


Episode 17: Review Squad

August 11, 2016

Do you like reviews? Do you like 4 of them? Then you'll love this episode. We've got Star Trek, got some Stranger things, also got some Preacher, and finally the great and amazing Suicide Squad. We might even review our reviews. And also a very special Rapid Fire with an Olympic Theme. 


Episode 16- Fun & Games & Stranger Things

August 4, 2016

This week the Knights are joined by special guest Pat. We do an update on Pokemon Go and Stranger Things. We also dip into this week's news including The Great Wall trailer and your regular Marvel and DC talk. Somehow we also talked about Splash and Harry Potter too. We end with trivia and a very special conversation about Suicide Squad.


Episode 15: Stranger Comic-Con Things

July 28, 2016

Stranger Things is the latest gift handed down from the Netflix gods so we discuss why it's a hit and why does Sam hate fun. Comic-Con dropped a whole bunch of trailers and we discuss who won. DC? Marvel? For me, it was ..... America!